Lord of the Worlds

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lord of the Worlds

Friday, September 15, 2006

Our reverend Pope has commented, what is new with Prophet Mohammed (PBH), he says Islam teaches hatred and encourages Terrorism. My humble reply is, Prophet Mohammed has taught Muslims to respect all the devine prophets, whether Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, etc. No Muslim will dare to disrespect any of these prophets. The so called true followers of Moses and Jesus consider Prophet David to be the holiest and Lo! they celeberate with grand euphoria the nakedness of the Great David, showing all his personal parts.
Read the quote from BBC: (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/arts/3634730.stm)

Why do 1.2 million people flock to the Italian city of Florence every year to look at an enormous statue of a naked man?

The statue represents one of the greatest
achievements of arguably the world's greatest artist.

Oh! my dear Brothers of the so called Civilized Culture, who claim to have reached the pinnacle of Human Civilazation, Please Wakeup! Is this the way to show respect to the Greatest Prophets in Human History, who were the symbols of Modesty. When Islam points out these abhorrent anomolies, you say Islam is uncultured. The perpetrators of Homosexualism, lesbianism, sodomy and legalizing in the name of Freedom, wakeup in the name of humanity and handover a culture to your children who will be proud of you! It is a world of rationalism. Science has unveiled innumerable data which is available in finger tips because of internet, understand the greatness of the creator, the mortal nature of almost all the things in the universe. One day all will be resurrected, it is not an imaginary vision. An unbiased sane person who takes the guidance of science, will lead him to the right path. After all, science is the creation of Nature and nature is nothing but God the Almighty. Human has just discovered the mysteries of nature. Whether it is Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Nanotechnolgy,etc, every scientific aspect is based on natural laws.
I am not recommending any relegion to be specifically followed. FOLLOW THE TRUE SPIRIT OF SCIENCE WITHOUT ANY PREJUDICE.